All You Can Jet Pass Returns on JetBlue

By | August 17, 2010
JFK Airport Terminal 5 Entry Hall (new Jetblue...
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JetBlue has brought back the All You Can Jet pass, offering two options.

  • AYCJ-5 – $499 for Jetting anywhere, except on Fridays and Sundays
  • AYCJ-7 – $699 for Jetting anywhere, anyday.

The sale starts immediately, bookings can begin on August 23rd, and the pass is valid from September 7th, through October 6th. Domestic taxes and fees are included, but International and Puerto Rican taxes are not. Bookings must be made at least three days prior, there is a $50 fee for changes/cancellations within three days, and there is a $100 fee for being a no-show. The pass and any subsequent flights will be suspended until the penalty is paid.

What a great time to do this, now that the Steven Slater situation has died down. Time for some goodwill. Makes you wish you had a month off, doesn’t it?