Up in the Air

By | December 3, 2009

This evening, two of us headed down to the New York advance screening of Up in the Air, the new air travel themed movie starring George Clooney. Clooney plays a man who is on the road more than not, and has perfected the art. Clooney’s character shares his life with us, from why you should stand behind Asian businessmen going through airport security to how to turn women on with your loyalty card collection.

American Airlines had a starring role in the film. It wasn’t paid for its involvement, but it is getting boatloads of free promotion. many scenes were shot at St. Louis’ Lambert Airport. Clooney’s character even passionately discusses the airport’s architecture.

Despite what the airlines and security measures have done to it, there is still simple joy in flying and travel. For travel lovers, you’ll see a lot of things you can appreciate. For those less in love with the experience, it is still a cute movie. It will likely end up on our shelf at some point next to the other great airline movies.

Thumbs Up.

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