How We Preserved Our Skymiles for Another Day

By | November 5, 2009
A Delta L-1011
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We’re sad to say that we haven’t flown on Delta much lately. For years, Delta was almost all we flew. We have a bunch of Skymiles, enough for a flight. But, then, other airlnes came to town, with new options, and we didn’t spend as much time with Delta. And our Skymiles were set to expire before we could enjoy our 50,000+ miles.

We procrastinated on it, and procrastinated…and before we knew it, it was October, we’re not planning to go anywhere that needs Delta. We tried to plan an inexpensive trip, and discovered the cheapest place to travel was Pittsburgh(wouldn’t you know that the only friends we have in Pittsburgh are visiting this weekend). We thought about joining Netflix, but those miles might take up to 10 weeks to post, and we couldn’t take the risk.

So, this got us to the Skymiles Shopping Store, where it explicitly states:

Transactions with SkyMiles Shopping count as activity, and will provide another two years without expiration. Miles post to your account 24-48 hours after your transaction is confirmed. Normally, this takes 5-10 business days after your order ships from a merchant. Because transaction confirmation requires an action by the merchant, in rare cases it may take up to 45 days.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? So, on October 25th, we ordered two books we were going to order anyway, but did so while clicking through from Skymiles Shopping, so it would credit properly.

We checked today, and our account says..

25 Oct 2009 – Non Air Activity SkyMiles Shopping Base Miles – 10

And our miles now will not expire till October 31st, 2011.

Not bad, huh?