The TSA Escalates its MythBusting

By | October 19, 2009
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Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The TSA is truly amazing in its involvement with social media. A lot of things they post on their blog are ones we find a bit hard to swallow, but when they respond to the latest internet anti-TSA story, they go at it full force.

Yesterday, we reported that they’d released footage that disproved the claim made by a blogging mother had she’d been separated from her young son for the purpose of secondary security screening. Today, they upped the game. In response to the mother’s accusations they did not show everything that happened, they added to their original video by showing the entirety of footage from nine cameras for the entirety of the time she was within range.

Why? Was it really necessary to kill this story? Perhaps. Is it them engaging the public properly? They are being reactive instead of proactive. They respond more to stories like this than initiating positive dialogues with people to improve their perception. It is good they do respond, but it doesn’t improve their reputation.