Flight Wisdom Breaks Fiddles

By | July 16, 2009

We enjoyed Dave Carroll’s unique approach to speaking out against customer service. Apparently we were not alone in this. It seems a lot of people did. It struck a chord with Westjet, the Canadian discount airline, which invited Dave not only to jam with them, but to fly with them next time. While we were writing this post, Westjet removed its video for reasons unknown.

Gory Bateson shared his thoughts on his favorite airline to fly, Southwest, and how they have always handled his guitar with car.

Then we get to the most unique one yet…Northwest Breaks Dulcimers, by Bing Futch. We were not aware there was a dulcimer podcast, but we learn something new every day.

The song mentions Thank You Republic Airlines by Tom Paxton, another song we hadn’t heard. We were able to find a copy in the Amazon MP3 store for only 99 cents. As the album in question was released a quarter century ago, we wonder if Dave Carroll used it as inspiration for his choice of protest.

Ultimately, it is nice to know that people can express their annoyance in such an amusing manner. Sometimes, laughing at a situation does help. We hope you found these videos as amusing as we did.

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