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By | June 23, 2009
Light Rail to Amtrak
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Today, we are happy to announce we have spun off our limited reporting on issues involving Amtrak, buses, light rail, and all things transit-y to a new blog, Transit Wisdom.

Unfortunately, our first story on the new blog was the latest thoughts on the DC Metro crash of yesterday. We have stories a lot more upbeat planned.

Those of you following us on Twitter at @FlightWisdom, notice of blog posts and up-to-date information will be sent using a new account, @TransitWisdom. Thanks to our colleagues at Gadget Wisdom, part of our little section of the blogosphere, for setting everything up for us.

So, join us if you like to travel around your city or town, and intercity without your car or plane. Remember…travel can be enjoyed the most when you let someone else do the driving.

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Author: Guru

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