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By | June 21, 2009
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Recently, a conversation(if the word is accurate), on Twitter sparked us thinking about the issues related to full flights. Airlines want the flights to be full. More passengers means more revenue. Conversely, we as passengers want the extra room a less than full flight brings. So, how can you enjoy yourself and spread the love when your plane is packed to the gills?

You can take a page from the video below…although we include it more for the amusement, and make yourself at home…although perhaps not to the extreme. Remember, for the duration of the flight, you have to live with your fellow passengers. So, how can you make the best of that for not just you, and your fellow passengers?

FlyingwithFish offered us some of his suggestions. We’ve added some additions.

  • Kids – You may not have them, but other people do.
    • Pack triangle-crayons to give to a parent with restless children.
    • If you see a family that is not seated together, offer to switch seats with them, if it will help.
    • Give up your window seat to a curious child so they can look out.
  • Comfort – Make your seat like home. It is, for a few hours anyway. We have a few suggestions we made on our Infrequent Flier blog.
    • Eye-Mask and Earplugs – Blocking out the world around you for a while is immensely helpful. Bring some extra for your new friends.
    • Cleaning Wipes and/or Hand Sanitizer – With people fearing disease today, not only having these things, but sharing them will help.
  • Snacks – Not every airline gives them, and yours might be better
    • Bring an extra special snack to offer the flight attendants. They can’t live on airline snacks, and they’ll appreciate the gesture.
    • Bring a bag of Jelly Beans to share with your row (FlyingwithFish says it works!)
  • Making Friends
    • Give your better seat to a soldier…especially if you are in First Class(where available).
    • Give your more legroom seat to a tall person.
    • Got drink vouchers? Share them with your seatmates.
    • Be friendly…it sounds obvious, but people forget it.

In the end, it is all about the attitude.

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