Continental to Keep Ithaca on the Map

By | June 2, 2009

Last month, we reported on rumors that Ithaca-Tompkins Regional Airport was going to lose its regional service to Newark on Continental Connection.The story prompted us to break out some old material about Ithaca’s aviation history.

In good news, Continental announced last week that it would retain the service. The airline had cited congestion at Newark, not Ithaca itself as the reason for the cancellation.

The plan was withdrawn after Senator Charles Schumer(D-NY) lobbied along with local business leaders to keep three out of the four daily roundtrip flights to Newark. Schumr flew in to Ithaca to announce the move personally last Tuesday.

There is an argument about the need for service from regional airports. Everyone wants nonstop service to wherever they want to go from their city. But if a city can give the airline an incentive to take a chance on them, and the citizens are willing to patronize the service in sufficient numbers, why shouldn’t they get it?

The one disappointing part is the reason. Congestion at Newark Liberty Airport. Certainly this issue needs to be addressed for not just Newark, but all the New York area airports. Hopefully, there is a solution that is coming soon. More on that later.

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