Fasten Your Seatbelts

By | May 31, 2009
Fasten Seat Belt
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Twenty-one passengers were injured recently after a TAM flight hit turbulence on a Miami to Sao Paulo flight. The plane went into a sharp dive, and three people suffered broken bones, and many passengers were slammed into the ceiling.

While this situation is an extreme one, on almost every flight we’ve been on, we’ve observed people ignoring the fasten seat belt signs. It is true that sometimes they are put on out of an abundance of caution,  but when we are instructed to keep our seat belts fastened while sitting and to obey these signs to remain in our seats, it is to protect us.

Flight Attendants, busy as they are, seem to ignore this behavior, even though it is a direct safety issue. It takes an accident like this to remind us of the possible consequences.

Last month, a woman was paralyzed on a Continental Airlines flight, when the plane hit turbulence, causing her to be thrown against the ceiling, fracturing her neck. According to Continental, the Fasten Seatbelt sign was illuminated.

These things do happen, and sometimes the need to get up is overpowering. But stay in your seat. It may be uncomfortable, but wait till it is deemed safe to get up….or if you must, summon the flight attendant. You could save yourself some injury and a world of pain.

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