Student Sues US Airways over Missing XBox

By | March 12, 2009
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A Yale student is suing US Airways, claiming that they stole an Xbox 360 from his luggage. He is requesting $1 million in compensation.

Jesse Maiman claims that when he took a Dec. 17, 2008, flight from New Haven, Conn., to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, he checked his Xbox 360, which had a specialized hard drive and components he said cost more than $1,000.

Most airlines exclude themselves from liability for electronics checked in luggage, and recommend you carry-on such things. Although with limits on carry-on, we’re not sure if that is always an option. It is probably safer to mail and insure it. Even without that, compensation is set at a maximum of $3,300.

Yet, instead of accepting he should have listened to the airline about not doing something, and after the lack of a satisfactory response from the airline, which should have at least made him feel less bad about the situation. He filed a lawsuit,seeking to have the airline pay him $1,700 for the loss of the gaming system and for “non-economic distress” of at least $25,000, but “in the maximum amount allowable by law or, in the alternative, in the sum of $1,000,000.” We heard Yale could be expensive.

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