Slot Machines at BWI?

By | February 17, 2009

A state delegate has introduced a bill to place slot machines inside BWI Airport. Voters would have to approve it as an amendment to the Maryland Constitution. The bill is sponsored by Democratic Delegate Eric Bromwell of Baltimore County. It has 10 co-sponsors, all of but one from Baltimore County. The airport is located in Anne Arundel County, but no Anne Arundel lawmakers have signed onto the bill.

We think this is a wonderful idea. Anything to make the airport more fun. We’ve spent a little time at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, which has slots, and people certainly seemed happy. If we could transfer the tools casinos use to make people loose track of time, we certainly could have happier when a flight was delayed…if we noticed. Airlines might hear complaints from passengers to delay the flight further to give them time to break even.

Tongue in cheek jokes aside, we’re not gambling types, but we can see the revenue for the state,and the possibilities if handled in a dignified way. But just like the presence of alcohol can lead to drunk people, the presence of gambling creates problems of its own.

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