United Airlines to Discontinue Complaint Line

By | February 10, 2009
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United Airlines is dropping a call center that took compliments or complaints after a flight, instructing passengers to send a letter or email instead. It will stop publishing its customer relations number. It will be training its call centers in Chicago and Honolulu to respond to written customer comments, saving 165 jobs.

We wonder if this was the call center that Shannon Tadel tried to get satisfaction from. United Airlines set her luggage on fire. Her bag was placed too close to the exhaust of a belt loader, someone turned on the equipment, and the bag went up in flames. The crew apologized and upgraded her to first class, and for almost two months, despite filing a claim, it has yet to settle the matter, inspiring her to get the media involved…ultimately proving a suggestion we received that you should take pictures of your luggage with your cell phone before you leave. You can always delete them.

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