Breaking News – USAirways plane hits Hudson River

By | January 15, 2009
USAirways Jet in Hudson River

USAirways Jet in Hudson River

AP reports that a USAirways plane has crashed into the Hudson River, sending passengers into the icy water. New York City firefighters are responding. The plane is apparently intact.

The plane appears to be an Airbus A320, flight 1549, heading from Laguardia Airport to Charlote, NC, and made a controlled landing. The fuselage is intact, but is now sinking into the water, New York 1 News reports.

From the information we received, there were anywhere from 135 to 164 onboard. Reports are still conflicting. Gawker reports 164 passengers and 5 crew members, and provides the picture below. The cause of the accident is attributed to engine failure caused by a flock of geese. More on this as it develops.

Update 1: The Gothamist reports with additional pictures and media. “A passenger said 1010WINS that the pilot told passengers should brace themselves—the passenger credited the pilot for steering them into the water and he said that they had children and women leave the plane first. The plane has floated down toward 23rd Street…Reports are that the plane is being towed to Chelsea Piers. And the plane was scheduled to head to Seattle after Charlotte.”

It has been confirmed there were no injuries to the passengers. Video is available here.