News of the Day

By | August 1, 2007
  • In a late breaking news story, ABC news in Salt Lake City has reported that sources has reported that Delta will unveil new service from Salt Lake City to Paris. Paris, unlike London, the focus of planned Delta expansion in Europe, is the hub of Air France, a Delta Skyteam Partner, which would give it a significant connection advantage in Europe. Charles De Gaule Airport has its own problems though.
  • Frontier will begin nonstop service from Milwaukee to Cancun on December 15th, service on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Frontier ruses a fleet of A319 aircraft with DirecTV service.
  • British Airways and Korean Air agreed to plead guilty and pay for their roles in price-fixing conspiracies. Between 2004 and 2006, British Airways, which is the largest airline between the U.S. and United Kingdom raised its fuel surcharge four times to about $110 round trip, up from about $10 and admits it colluded with Virgin Atlantic. Korean Air agreed to plead guilty for participating in a conspiracy with unnamed competitors to fix travel prices for passengers, travel agents and shippers for U.S.-Korea flights between 2000 and 2006. Korean Air is the largest carrier between the US and Korea and the second largest between the US and Asia. British will be paying $300 million in fines to the US and $246 million to the UK. The surcharges have not been reduced, and there is no evidence whether or not price-fixing is being done today…It is unclear how much passengers were overcharged…or what numbers would have been if not influenced by this.
  • Jetblue and the New York Times will be launching an exclusive in-flight magazine sponsored by the American Express Jetblue card. It will feature unique content from the newspaper’s TimesTalks events — its signature discussion series featuring journalists in conversation with today’s newsmakers and cultural leaders — along with articles and multimedia from Jetblue is also the official airline of TimesTalks events. The first two programs will be available throughout August, and can also be viewed online
  • American, not to be outdone, announced the launch of “ON American Airlines” a 28-page monthly entertainment magazine provided on all entertainmen-equipped flights. It will point out complete audio and video options available and feature news and reviews on technology, games, music, TV, and DVDs. The magazine, which will be advertiser-supported, is a redesign of a previous magazine with a similar focus.
  • Northwest is continuing to cancel flights…including a large number over last weekend, blaming pilot absenteeism.