Man Proposes Floating Airport for San Diego

By | January 28, 2007

Would people really be willing to take a ten-mile boat ride to catch a plane? As the San Diego Union-Tribune reports, Adam Englund has been fixated for decades on the idea of a floating airport, and thinks San Diego, which needs a bigger airport…would be a good place to try it. Lindbergh Field in San Diego has only one runway and little options for expansion.

An off-shore airport wouldn’t suffer from noise complaints or require the demolition of any neighborhoods. The San Diego Regional Airport Authority, however, has rejected the idea, as currently untested, and think it may be workable in a few decades. Japanese engineers have experimented with a floating runway…but never a floating commercial airport. There are currently too many unknowns for them to invest the $20 billion it would cost.

Perhaps after there are smaller ventures…private airstrips on water…research…but for now…it may be workable…but it seems an unattainable dream.