China Tells Fliers: Stop Complaining

By | December 31, 2006

And people say that air service in the United States is bad…Reuters reports that China’s civil aviation authority is asking fliers to stop complaining about domestic air travel there. They hope to “increase consumers’ understanding about the special nature of the civil aviation industry, so that together we can create a cosier, more harmonious aviation travel environment.” The problem, the Chinese insist, is because of passengers who are unfamiliar about what to expect when flying.

Chinese passengers have apparently been fighting back by refusing to leave aircraft until compensation is paid for late flights, storming runways in protest, and breaking down locked doors when herded into lounges after unannounced diversions.

We have often thought we have unrealistic expectations too. So far, we aren’t fighting back as a group. It is nice to know the spirit of social justice is alive and well in a communist country. It makes China feel less alien to us that instead of reacting to protest negatively, is trying to crush the protests with public relations.

If the Chinese passengers are properly educated, they will put up with the most abysmal conditions.

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.