TSA Sets Free for Registered Traveler Program

By | December 3, 2006

The Registered Traveler Program allows travelers to submit biometric information and thus allow them to speed through security lines for a fee. Part of that fee is given to the TSA and the other part to the private industry managing the program.

The TSA’s portion includes a security threat assessment for each applicant and misc. expenses. Originally, the TSA wanted additional background checks and costs, which would have driven their cost up. They announced last week that they would set their portion of the fee at $28.

The Registered Traveler Program is particularly interesting in that it allows people to speed through by surrendering information about themselves to the TSA. However, the baggage and metal detection will remain the same. So, we wonder why violating one’s privacy and paying money allows someone priority screening?

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.