Freshly Squeezed at 30,000 Feet

By | November 11, 2006

In one of our posts on Customer Service issues, we mentioned the blog of Jeff Hoyt. He does podcasts every few months that are few amusing. We decided on a whim to see what he was up to, and it turns out he has a new podcast about the travel experience.

To hear Mr. Hoyt narrate the story of his recent flight crunch and his unique observations is certainly worth it. We have all experienced the feeling of being jammed into an airline seat, dealing with loud passengers and the occasional small child. As he suggests…defocus your mind, and the flight will be over eventually. It is the reason why studies indicate an airline can reduce seat pitch if they add in flight entertainment. The last thing we want to do as passengers is focus on our environment. Check out his podcast here.

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Freshly Squeezed at 30,000 Feet

  1. Jeff Hoyt

    Hi there! Just wanted to thank you for the post on my latest podcast. I’ve had a flurry of e-mails from listeners who have related their horror stories. I guess we all have at least one, if not several. I was curious, though. One listener mentioned a device that you can purchase that a passenger can surreptitiously slip into the workings of the seat in front of them to prevent the passenger in front from reclining their seat. Is this true? If so, is it legal? I would think the makings for some serious in-flight conflict could arise from such a device. Just wondering. Thanks again for blogging about Hoytus Interruputs.


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