Not Everyone Thrilled with the USAirways Merger

By | September 18, 2006

As the Arizona Republic reports, not everyone is pleased with the new USAirways. Sure, it means that passengers in America West Cities have greater services to the Eastern U.S., which is where USAirways is strong, as well as international service to Europe. And passengers in USAirways cities now have better access to the west.

However, the new USAirways still operates as two separate airlines in many ways. Resolving the labor issues with two different sets of employees is a long process. Now that the new company is reporting a profit, labor is going to demand a fair contract and not make any concessions that might have been asked of a company in a less stable financial position.

The new frequent flyer program means less upgrade seats available as there are now many more individuals competing for them, as well as reduced opportunities for these seats as the carrier made some cuts to improve profitability.

The issues with their unified website were well reported, and continued. Part of the problem is that the reservations systems are still separate and will not be merged till next spring. Considering the number of passenger records and flight data that is kept on each system, merging them is a momentous task that takes time to plan and execute properly.

The final issue is of course, customer service. They are trying to rectify baggage handling deficiencies in their hubs in Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Phoenix as a first goal. With the labor issues, the confusing computer systems, the reduction in available perks…is it any wonder that their ability to serve the public is decreasing? But we have high hopes these are merely birthing pains for a new and improved USAirways, which will either get it right, or suffer the consequences.

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.