That’s Entertainment

By | September 14, 2006

Delta announced today in a press release that they would become the first and only U.S. carrier to offer two classes of service with digital video on demand at every seat. We aren’t particularly shocked at this development. All they did was replace the economy seating in the front cabin of the former Song aircraft with a business class. They are using these aircraft on select flights over four hours to start, focusing on JFK(to compete with Jetblue’s popular in flight service), and Atlanta, their superhub.

By the end of November, all flights from JFK to the West Coast will fly with this service, with 70 daily round-trip flights, with plans to double that frequency over time. Through 2008, Delta will expand their IFE to include more than 100 767-300, 767-400, 757, and 757-800 aircraft. Enjoy these pictures of their new product.
First, new uniforms, now a TV at every seat on their newer aircraft. If this is what bankruptcy is…then we wish we were bankrupt.

Jetblue made an announcement about expansion of their In Flight Offerings today as well. Effective today, Jetblue welcomes to its line-up WCBS-TV New York, improving its offerings.

In a final bit of news, Philadelphia International Airport is offering free wireless in the B/C Food Court until the end of the year at which time it may become permanant and/or expand. Demand for wireless connections at airports continues to increase. We encourage airlines and airports to make this service free. Passengers with the option of wireless communication can relax and be less distracted by flight delays and other travel headaches.