The Danger of Everyday Things

By | September 3, 2006

The Mercury News reports that about 100 people were evacuated from a terminal at Mineta Airport in San Jose Saturday morning after screeners found two flashlights hooked through wiring. They found it suspicious enough to evacuate, although ultimately it was found to be harmless.

In Little Rock, two passengers were removed from a flight from Charlotte on Friday after the crew reported suspicious liquids on board. As the Charlotte Observer reports, it turned out to be water. Two passengers and their possessions were removed from the aircraft and questioned before the Little Rock Police and the FBI cleared them.

Finally, The Sun Sentinel reports that passenger trains and three flights were delayed while the TSA tracked down a man who passed through screeners with a suspicious item…a belt buckle with a hand grenade replica. We wonder how this man succeeded in getting through security and had to be tracked down, while those with water are questioned by the FBI with the bomb squad on ready.

Perhaps the sooner we accept this apparent logical disconnect, and we have trouble with it because it is so mind-boggling, the sooner these incidents will die down.

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.