Ryanair to Allow Cell Phone Access

By | September 3, 2006

In a recent post, we referred to Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, and his lack of interest in whether or not people talked on cell phones as long as it was profitable. On Wednesday, Ryanair issued this press release.

Ryanair announced a deal with OnAir to have its entire fleet of 737s equipped with their mobile communication solution. From mid 2007 on, assuming regulatory approval, passengers will be able to use their phone at rates which will mirror international roaming charges.

Ryanair’s press releases tend to be a bit lacking in a sense of decorum. We are reminded of the time they posted that their CEO would dance naked in the street outside of Lot Polish Airlines headquarters in Warsaw if they removed their fuel surcharge. This time, they say that their new cell service, “means they will be able to pass on the good news to workmates, friends and family that they are travelling on another on-time flight with Europe’s most punctual airline.”

We think they will be able to pass on the good news to other customers that they are flying on the noisiest airline in the sky..filled with people screaming over the din of the engines to keep in contact with others. After that, perhaps Ryanair will announce its plan to turn the plane into a flying casino, as they commented in this article last November.

We applaud any way of keeping in contact that does not affect other passengers. It is bad enough everywhere you go people are walking down the streets seemingly talking to themselves(we hope they are all on cell phones). At least many of them try to whisper. On a plane, whispering is impossible at this time. Perhaps, if this technology goes through, manufacturers will make special noise-cancelling cell headsets for airplanes. It won’t solve the problem, but hopefully it may alleviate it.

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.