Guide to Coping With Job Loss by Northwest Airlines

By | August 16, 2006

Ground crews for Northwest Airlines were recently given a booklet by their employer, “Restructuring Q&A and Employee Support.” It contains information on their likely outsourcing as well as 101 Money-Saving tips.
Tip #46: “Don’t be shy about pulling something you like out of the garbage.” Others include asking doctors for free drug samples, getting hand-me-downs from friends and family, and topped off with an ad for a real estate agent in case you need to sell your house.

I’m not sure if we should commend Northwest Airlines for advising its ground crew that they should change career paths into the exciting life of a wandering hobo…Perhaps blogger Lou Minatti emphasizes the public disgust here where he suggests we should just let Northwest die.

In defense of Northwest Airlines, it did declare bankruptcy and is seeking massive labor concessions as part of its effort to restructure. In fact, the Flight Attendants have threatened CHAOS(Creating Havoc Around Our System), a cute acronym, but potentially inconvenient to passengers planning travel.

In fact, as a result, we must advise you exercise caution in planning travel with Northwest Airlines this coming season. And certainly consider travel insurance as an option. While many providers will not cover you for all types of strikes(check with the provider), they will cover you for Travel Delay, regardless of cause.

Finally, as we are dedicated to assisting you in saving money, we provide a copy of 101 Moneysaving Tips, courtesy of a poster to the Bismarck Tribune.

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.