Misconceptions in Security

By | August 13, 2006
It seems that despite the availability of information, people are still hearing widely inaccurate rumors about the security situation at the airport. So, once again, we’re going to clear up myths. Not only that, there have been some updates to U.S. procedures. The following reflects the current TSA requirements as of this post.
Myth: There is a ban on electronic devices.
Fact: There is no ban on electronic devices. The only exception is the UK.
Myth: All carryon information must be in clear bags
Fact: While clear bags no doubt will speed the inspection of the items inside, they are not required. Once again, the only exception is the UK.
Myth: If I am going to the UK, I must do all of the above things.
Fact: This restriction only applies for passengers on flights EXITING the United Kingdom.
The new provisions in place indefinitely are as follows:
  • All passengers are now REQUIRED to remove their shoes at security checkpoints. Previously, despite what the TSA said, this was optional.
  • All liquids and gels are banned from travel. The exceptions: Baby formula or breast milk. Previously, juice for babies was allowed. This has been repealed; Prescription medicine if the prescription matches the passenger’s name. Thus unlabelled medication will not be permitted.
  • Up to 8oz of liquid or gel insulin and up to 4oz. of non-prescription liquid medications will be permitted.
  • To minimize delay and hassle, the TSA recommends all personal care items be packed in your checked luggage.

The TSA has set up extra screening of all carry-on luggage, both at the security checkpoints and random gate screenings. For all UK-bound flights, gate screenings will be mandatory. For more information, visit the TSA website.

Finally, most airlines are allowing additional checked luggage allotments for those who wish to check their normal carry-on bags. However, please check with your airline’s website or the check-in agent in regards to this issue.

Author: Guru

Guru is the Editor of Flight Wisdom and a long time aviation enthusiast.