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New Route Roundup

United announced today new service from its Denver hub to Dayton, Ohio(effective April 24); Kalispell, Montana(effective June 7); Huntsville, Alabama(February 14) and resumption of service to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina(effective April 24). Dayton service will be operated by 70-seater CRJ7s, twice-daily service to Kalispell will be with 50-seater CRJs. Starting April 1, Frontier Airlines will offer…

Boarding Pass Faxing Service

Northwest announced today that customers may now print their boarding passes at international fax machines after checking in for flights over the Internet, in addition to the domestic faxing added in July 2005. We have never taken advantage of this service, preferring to print our boarding passes directly to our printers. It is a valuable…

Take Away

We’re not sure if you saw this…and we hardly are attempting to endorse Continental, but this commercial emphasizes the impression people have of inflight service.